PinHole Eyesight Improver Glasses

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 It is now widely accepted that small hole glasses do improve vision from suffering from refractive eye disorders, even ophthalmologists use small hole equipment to check eyes for the refractive disorder. Frequent substitutes for prescription glasses(TV, computer, reading) with small hole glasses will result in improved vision, natural and drug-free.

These glasses are specially designed to improve eyesight, especially eye focusing problems.


Suitable for adults or children who have the problem of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Wearing them for 15 minutes per day will help to improve your eyesight within weeks. 

  • Eliminates stress and strain caused by glasses

  • Experience 10-20% vision improvement in 2-4 weeks 

  • Activates your natural vision ability to see clearly

  • Helps you see clearly near and far

  • Promotes vision habit 


Small hole Glasses Do Well in The Following Eye Problems:

  • Myopia (short-sightedness)

  • Hyperopia (long-sightedness)

  • Presbyopia (age-related reduced range of focus) 

  • Astigmatism

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